Songs that be used in advertisements or just a theme song for a series.

The original string trio track that inspired me to expand it to Morning Sunrise.

A friend of mine heard it once and thought it sounded like it should be for an ad for coffee!

In 1996, I created a scifi police series in which I wrote the melody as a theme song. You’ll probably recognise this as a shorter version of Forest March.

This particular version is how I envisioned it way back in the 1990s but only arranged it recently and, like most sci-fi music, was inspired by the Star Trek: Original Series Theme song.

A variation of the second half of Forest March written as a scifi theme song.

This was the very first song I composed when I was 18 – way back in 1993. It was inspired by an Australian soap opera, A Country Practice, and was originally going to be the theme song for a children series (set in the country) I was writing at the time but never eventuated. This is a variation of the second half of Desolate Plains.