Composing a piece of music from scratch can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on how long and complex the piece is. Therefore, for me to compose a piece for you, you must have some idea on what sort of music you would like.

For example, Desolate Plains has 12 different instruments and is about 3 mins long. Whereas, String Trio has 3 instruments (obviously!) and is 34 seconds long. Therefore, you would expect that the charge for composing Desolate Plains would be much higher than that of String Trio.

Drop me a line for a quote and we can discuss your project in more detail.

N.B: Please be aware I mainly deal with music in classical genre. Any request for compositions of an electronic or metal nature will more than likely be past unto my husband, Paul Danger McLean, who is also a composer and deals mainly with those genres.